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Yachting in South East Asia

17 Feb Posted by in Asia, Destinations, Yachting | Comments
Yachting in South East Asia

Yachting can be a great way to see a variety of places,, without the pain of lugging your baggage from hotel to hotel. It also has a status level that caravanning doesn`t have. Sea views are by there very nature guaranteed and forever changing and there is unique access to deserted beeches.

The seas around South-East Asia have an almost unparalleled level of biodiversity, in part due to the warm shallow seas, making them ideal waters to snorkel in and naturally staying on a boat gives you extra opportunities to snorkel, especially if you`ve invested in your own equipment. In most tourist areas there are ample opportunities to scuba dive, both as an experienced diver and to learn to dive. Don`t be afraid to check up on such activities, to make sure they maintain good safety standards and avoid practices such as taking things from the reefs and `chumming` for sharks.

There are of course many places to go that offer yachting in the region. And to cover all the smaller places would be a might task, so here we will focus on a few places, to give a flavour of what is available out there.

There are a number of charter types available in the area, including bare-boat, skippered and crewed. In bare boat you are left to your own devises and this is therefore generally only an option for those with some sailing qualifications and experience, in some places evidence of this may be insisted upon. Bare-boat gives you the most control over where you go and when but unless you have local knowledge can mean you miss out on some things. It also means that you can`t leave the sailing to someone else and you have the worry of navigation. Skipped yachts come with at least one crew member the skipper. In general they will have good local knowledge and will be able to handle the yacht themselves, without any more than occasional aid. Most will allow you to help with the sailing and some will provide other services and cooking. Some will be qualified instructors and will offer sailing qualifications that you can take on your holiday. Crewed boats tend to be larger and in addition to the skipper will come with additional crew to aid the skipper and to look after your other needs, such as a cook.

Phuket in Thailand has a number of wonderful locations to visit during your time there, many of which can only be reached by boat so a yachting trip is the ideal way to visit. The highlights of the area around Phuket include an island on which parts of The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed, Phang Nga Bay, an area of stunning cliffs caves and archaeological sites in addition to which there are many Islands reefs and small local fishing communities. Navigation is generally by line of site, though skippers should be aware of the many reefs and tidal currents in the channels.

UNESCO have granted the area around Langkawi in Malaysia Geopark status, in part for its range of white sand beeches, jungles and clear warm seas. With the peninsular protecting it, a holiday here allows you to visit during the monsoon season while much of the country is liable to heavy flooding. Attractions of the area include the island of Dayang Bunting, one of the larger islands in the chain, which surrounds Tasik Dayang Bunting, literally the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. The snorkelling around the island is some of the best you`ll see in the island chain and the beaches are amazing.

Singapore is a large bustling city, with a number of charms of its own, including Lazarus Island, 45 minutes sale from Singapore itself and boasts sandy beeches, clear seas and a sheltered bay. Alternatively Singapore at the point of the peninsular offers a great base to explore both sides of Malaysia if you have the time and abilities to do so.

Yachting is one of the best ways to see this part of the world, offering unparalleled access to the many Islands and giving comfortable, glamorous mobile accommodation, in a part of the world where the roads can be difficult, especially if you want to head off the beaten track. So if you are looking for bargain holidays in Asia this year, why not consider messing about in boats?

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