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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business

These terms and conditions of business outline the basis upon which ACRONAUTIC Pty Ltd, a maritime business registered in Australia, shall provide services through this website and to clients.


Acronautic Pty Ltd is a maritime business specilizing project management and consultancy on vessels to 200tonne, the company also offers website interface for the publication of nautical news, product reviews, destinations and experiences.  Users of the website are fully responsible for their conduct and material uploaded to the website. The full terms of this agreement are mandatory. You must agree to all terms to use the website and by registering you indicate acceptance to and shall be bound to these terms and conditions.

The company reserves the right to decline, cancel or delete your membership application at any time if you breach any terms of this agreement.


Company:               Acronautic Pty Ltd, an Australian company.

Crew:                      Any individual submitting their information to the company through any means in application or intent to source employment.

Employer:              Any person, company, yacht, agent, representative or organization requesting crew from the company.

Registration            The process undertaken by users of the site to submit personal and other details to the company.

Website:                 The official company website is however reference also pertains to the below sites registered and operated by the company;

Services:                  Any form or act involving the company allocating resources, personnel, advertising, time and or efforts into assisting a client where applicable remuneration shall be sought


Any person using the website and providing the company with information and warranting such information as accurate and a true representation of your experience, qualifications and job skills. You further agree that this information may be distributed by the company to third parties without your knowledge for the purposes of finding employment, reference verification or any other purpose deemed appropriate by the company. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company from any damages caused through misrepresentation of your experience or certifications.

Through registering on the website you shall have been deemed to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions and accepted by all parties unless otherwise notified in writing. The company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and will post the changes on the website and make them available for users to review upon request.


Online advertising                             30 days                    60 days                    90 days

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Sidebar Top (125 x 125)                        €30.00                     €50.00                     €85.00

Sidebar bottom (250 x 250)                  €50.00                     €75.00                     €125.00

Sidebar (250 x 125)                                €50.00                     €85.00                     €100.00


Online review

A review of your company, services or products with attached images and links to your website and contact details

Written and submitted by you                              FREE

Written and uploaded by Acronautic                   €100.00

Personal information

Information you upload to the website may be available to be viewed by all members and non-members of the website.  The burden of and protection of personal information users do not wish the general public to know or see falls upon the registered individual. In particular address details, phone numbers, email addresses and images. Users must take full responsibility for provided information; the company takes no responsibility for any consequences of uploaded sensitive personal information to the website.


The Company makes information available to registered users through the website

Data accuracy
The company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information presented on the website is accurate and correct; however, due to the fact that the data can be entered by registered users from various locations or sourced from external media sources no guarantee as to the accuracy of information presented is expressed or implied. It is strongly recommended that any user of the website verify any information pr potential candidate credentials, experiences and qualifications prior to considering for employment.

Interruption or loss of services

The company shall not accept liability for any losses arising directly or indirectly from a failure to provide the website service, which are caused by us directly or indirectly or other members of the service who are bound to this agreement. Including but not limited to damage or interference with any system or computers.

Mailing List

By registering on the website you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and enter the companies’ mailing list to receive a weekly newsletter, occasional promotions, correspondence and updates. The company shall provide option to unsubscribe from this service at any time through the unsubscribe links sent material.


The company agrees and assumes the absolute discretion of all and any requests for services. Any user of the companies’ services may request a copy of the information held in their profile from the company and or that it be deleted without reason.


As a registered user of the website you agree to indemnify, defend and hold the company, its directors, employees and appointed representatives harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and losses that directly or indirectly arise from any breach of this agreement.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Users of the website should refer to the privacy policy, which forms part of this agreement.


This Agreement is created and shall be governed by the laws of Australian commonwealth. Any claims or appeals against the company should be submitted and according to the Australian appeals and complaints procedures.