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Shark Week 2013

09 Aug Posted by in Latest News | Comments
Shark Week 2013

Shark Week is the annual onslaught of shark-related programming from the Discovery channel, viewers have developed a taste for the circling, glyding, chomping elegant creatures with over 4.8 million people tuning into the mockumentary on August 4th called Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives.  A fictional story about the faux-search for a 1.5 million year-old, 60-foot, whale-eating shark purportedly still living off the coast of South Africa. 

The purpose of Shark Week, aside from being one of the most successful programming events for Discovery channel is to raise awareness and protection for Sharks. Every year nearly 100 million sharks are killed by humans yet in recorded attacks by sharks, provoked or unprovoked are less than 100 per year.

The programming has attracted celebrities such as the ‘Hoff’ David Hasselhoff and mass social media attention through scenes discussing an arranged shark attack on Justin Bieber no doubt inspired by his confessed hatred for sharks on the Jimmy Fallon show in June 2012.

The star attractions of Shark Week is Sharkzilla the largest mechanical shark in the world and currently on display ad Vidcon 2013 and capable of crushing surfboards, kayaks and demonstrating the awesome power of a shark.

Discovery Channel’s shark talk show, ‘Shark after Dark’  features a man in a shark costume seen around the harbours, on the water and in the studio singing the shark week theme song. The show is so popular this year that it is on target to beat the 2012 Shark Week record of 21.4 million total viewers, making it the No. 1-rated cable network for people aged 18 to 34 during that time.

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