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Marion Hyper Submarine

Marion Hyper Submarine

Many of us thought that submarines were only used during World Wars. Hence, it took very long for engineers and designers to reconstruct the idea of submersibles with a general purpose and leisurely use.

This recent concept  Marion Hyper-Sub submersible vehicle can run on the surface at speeds up to 40 knots with a range of 500 miles or dive to 250 feet ! It is a super boat of sorts as it operates as a self-sufficient power boat on the surface and a robust submarine under the surface, the Marion Hyper-Sub is a Florida based company and the submersible is available in three different versions to cater to different needs of customers- HS-250 Sport for individual owners, HS-600 for industrial salvage and government operations and HS-1200 for users that require deep dive applications.

The Marion Hyper-Sub HS-250 Sport is designed with individual owners and charter operators in mind for recreational and tourism use. The HS-250 Sport delivers robust surface and submerged performance with 180-degrees of view through its all-acrylic canopy.

Each Hyper-Sub is completely customizable to the customer’s needs, and both surface and submerged performance can easily be significantly enhanced and additional capabilities may be added with optional components.

In the simplest of terms, these astonishing figures are accomplished by combining tested, ABS-certified* submersible design and components with the lifting and payload capacity of a heavy-duty, 31 foot surface-cruising powerboat. However, the combination of these elements creates a vessel that is much greater than the sum of its parts. The Hyper-Sub will not only re-define the market for small manned submersibles, it will set an entirely new standard for small craft safety.


  • Seating Capacity (cabin): 4, plus pilot
  • Overall Length: 34’
  • Total Beam/Width: 13’6”
  • Height (keel to top of cabin): 6’10”
  • Height with Arch/Spoiler: 8’6”
  • Draft: 24” (saltwater)
  • Dry Weight: 29,300 lbs

Surface Performance

  • Surface Powerplant: Twin 440 horsepower inboard Yanmar diesels
  • Fuel Capacity: 262.5 gallons, variable displacement cells
  • Out Drives: Arneson ASD-10, surface piercing props, 3,400 ft.-lbs. torque
  • Navigational Aids: GPS, chart plotting, radar, forward and downward sensing sonar, autopilot

Dive Performance

  • Submerged Propulsion: electric over hydraulic
  • Twin main hydraulic thrusters, 60 hp maximum
  • Bow and stern steering thrusters
  • Air Capacity: 2,000 std. cu. ft.
  • Air Recharge: Twin 5,000 psi SCBA compressors
  • Battery load: 2 AGM-type battery banks storing 13kWh (135Ah @ 96VDC).



Ph. 386-755-2040


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