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Acronautic Supports IBAP

IBAP, The International Business Association of Phuket

IBAP is comprised of local Thai and foreign owned businesses with an international outlook. IBAP strives to promote the collective business interests of its members and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

IBAP Mission Statement

  • IBAP will provide a regular forum for exchange of information and ideas, and the exchanging of business contacts.
  • IBAP will promulgate a Code of Ethics and encourage business practices which enhance the desirability of Phuket as a place in which to invest, and as a trading partner for businesses overseas.
  • IBAP will build productive relationships between ourselves, relevant local government bodies, civil service departments and private sector organizations.
  • IBAP will work to improve the local regulatory environment in order to encourage companies to increase their investments in Phuket, and to attract other high quality businesses to the province.
  • IBAP will be a forum to promote plans and initiatives that contribute to the local economy.
  • IBAP will provide service to the community, particularly in the critical areas of training and skills development.

Future Vision

How the world is ideally when IBAP fulfills its purpose.

The IBAP vision of Phuket is that Phuket is a powerful regional economic center and a major center of influence for business, financial and economic decisions in South East Asia. Phuket offers a safe community, and a well-protected and well-preserved natural environment in which to reside. International business flourishes here, and there is a healthy, positive, and constructive dialogue between business, government, and the public. Phuket is a highly desirable environment for investment, and investors enjoy the benefits of a well regulated, well policed economy.


Why we exist – to fulfill the vision.

The purpose of IBAP is to be a resource for a international business community that promotes the collective ethical and ecological business interests of IBAP members, and encourages the exchange of information and ideas that will result in realising the vision IBAP holds for Phuket as a regional economic power.

Guiding Values

Our decision making mechanisms that reminds us of behaviors that are important to us, and keeps us in integrity.


International Business Association of Phuket