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Greenline 33 Hybrid yacht

Greenline 33 Hybrid yacht

The revolutionary Superdisplacement hull is the secret behind Greenline 33 Hybrid’s ability to use less fuel, generate lower CO2 emissions, and produce less wake. The fuel consumption per nautical mile is half that of a comparable displacement hull and one quarter that of a semi-displacement, twin-engine planing boat.

In a full boating season, Greenline 33 will burn an amount of fossil fuel that is comparable to a sailing yacht of the same size and up to 10 times less than a twin-engine planing boat of the same size.

Comparison of fuel consumption in litres and CO2 emission in kg per boating season (35 boating days): a 33-feet sailboat with a diesel engine versus Greenline 33 Hybrid versus a 33-feet twin diesel engine powerboat.

The Greenline 33’s ability to cruise into a port, marina or an anchorage without smoke, noiselessly and with no wake will change the way modern motor boating is enjoyed by owners, how it is perceived by the boating community, and how it affects our environment.



The Greenline hybrid, state-of-the-art product offers great performance, reliability, and user friendliness at an incredible value for money. Unlike today’s modern cars, which still need to burn fuel to produce electricity, Greenline Hybrid Solar is capable of collecting, storing and using power from the sun, which is a breakthrough in hybrid marine technology. With a 1.3 kW solar roof and the Hybrid drive (5kW generator/7kW electric motor integrated in one unit), Greenline Hybrid Solar is a mobile power station that provides a constant supply of electric power on board. In spite of its revolutionary design, the technology used in Greenline Hybrid Solar is not complicated at all. All the systems are electronically controlled, automatically charging the battery when there is an adequate supply of daylight or when the diesel engine is running.

Comparison of fuel consumption in litres per nautical mile: Greenline 33 in Diesel Mode (speed 7 knots) versus a 33-feet Twin Diesel Engine Powerboat (speed 15 knots)



Official Greenline 33 video

Greenline On Lake Bled

Greenline 33 – Disco Volante 2010

Drawings & Dimensions

Length overall 9,99 m
Beam overall 3,49 m
Draft loaded 0,70 m
Displacement empty 4800 kg appr.
Cabins 1 plus salon, sleeps 4/5
Toilets/washrooms 1
Diesel tank 500 l
Water tank 300 l
Engine (standard) diesel CMD SDI 75-5
Speed max. std. engine 10 knots
Range at 7 knots (std. engine) 700 nautical miles
Engine (optional) CMD TDI 165-5
Speed max. optional engine 15 knots
Speed under electric power up to 6 knots
Range (electric drive) at 4 knots 20 nautical miles
Design J&J Design
Engineering, tooling and development Seaway
CE cat. B
Versions Hybrid Ready
Hybrid Solar


Seaway Pot na lisice 2
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Sales office
+386 4 572 77 28



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