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Antartica Cup Ocean Race

Antartica Cup Ocean Race

Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, and windiest continent. The average elevation is 2,300 metres – 7,546 feet; in Australia it is 340 metres – 1,115 feet by way of comparison. Despite containing 70 percent of the world’s freshwater, much of Antarctica is a desert, with the annual snow accumulation over much of East Antarctica being the equivalent of less than two inches of rainfall.


Antarctica Cup

Yachts Racing

The Antarctica Cup Ocean Race and the Antarctica Cup Racetrack.
A non-stop race of around 14,000 nautical miles – circumnavigating Antarctica passing the three most notorious capes on the planet
As the boats race above and below the Antarctic Convergence (Polar Front)

  1. An ocean race open to existing circumnavigation fleets.
  2. The only inter-ocean yacht race based in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia, Western Australia (Albany) and the only annual inter ocean yacht race in the world.
  3. The first ocean race to traverse the Southern Ocean between Cape Horn and Cape Agulhus below 40 degrees south.
  4. The first ocean race specifically designed to circumnavigate the only continent on the planet owned by the world – Antarctica.
  5. Introducing electronic ‘Lanes’ and ‘Gates’ to keep the racing fleet clear of dense iceberg territory.
  6. Three (3) ‘Lanes’, eighteen (18) ‘Gates’ of the course creating 18 ‘Sectors’ for which there will be individual prizes – creating 18 ‘races- within-a-race’.
  7. Introducing a unique ‘Skins’ prize format.
  8. An extreme sports multi-media spectacular as data is beamed from the racing fleet 24 x 7.
  9. Individual boat sponsorship is welcomed.


The Racetrack 

‘A supreme test of courage, endurance and seamanship’


  • The 360-degree Racetrack features gale force winds, high seas, fog, snow, icebergs, islands, extreme cold, the Antarctic circumpolar current, sailing above and below the southern Polar Convergence.
  • The Racetrack outer and inner boundaries are located on latitude 45° South and latitude 60° South making the Racetrack 900 nautical miles wide.
  • The wide Racetrack allows competitors to take advantage of favorable weather systems rotating clockwise around Antarctica and within the boundaries of the Racetrack.
  • The Southern Ocean officially starts below latitude 60° South (International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) . Latitude 60° South is also the border of the Antarctic Treaty Organisation
  • The southern ‘Polar Convergence’ is within the inner and outer boundaries of the Racetrack.
  • The Racetrack is open for Monohull and Multihull ocean racing boats, crewed and solo, to set the World Sailing Speed Record around the Racetrack.
  • High performance crewed ocean racing boats will cover the Racetrack inside 40 days.
  • For observation purposes, it is possible to overfly a greater proportion of the Racetrack with flights out of airports located on the east and west coast of Australia , New Zealand , South America , South Africa , and Antarctica .
  • Video

    Watch the video of the Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov completing Antarctica Cup Ocean Race

    Setting out from Albany with his Open 85ft monohull Trading Network Alye Parusa at 18:21:40 UTC (10:21:40 WST) on Australia Day – 26th January to take on yachting’s last great frontier. He braved a succession of storms, freezing temperatures, the ever present threat of icebergs and collisions with wales. Konyukhov came through it all unscathed, returning to King George Sound at 02: 56:50 UTC (10:56:50 WST) to record a time of 102 days 00 hours 56 minutes 50secs for this 16,400 mile circuit of Antarctica.


    Antarctica Cup Management Pty Ltd

    Bob Williams
    Antarctica Cup Management Pty Ltd


    The Antacrtica Cup racetrack



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