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St. Bart’s. Caribbean. |

St. Bart’s. Caribbean. |

St. Bart’s

The weather in London has dropped over the past 5 days, and to be brutally honest with you….it is BLOODY freezing here. With thousands of photo’s in my albums, I was drawn to somewhere warm to offset this cold snap. So why not the Caribbean. The beaches, tropical climate and a chilled out lifestyle….everything London is not at the moment. Actually it never is come to think of it.

When a good mate of yours asks if you would be interested in the two of you bringing up a luxury 65 ft motoryacht through the Caribbean…what would you say? We caught up in Martinique in the south, and the voyage took two weeks to reach St. Martin’s in the north. The final weekend was spent at the region’s playground of the rich and famous…St. Bart’s.

The turqoise water, the silky sandy beaches, the world-class array of Super-boats moored in the harbour…it was all like you would see in a postcard. It is a French territory which is evident as you walk the streets, plus it puts St. Bart’s on the Euro currency. Gustavia is the capital, set on the enclave style harbour which was filled with mutli-million dollar pieces of boat craftsmanship, when we cruised in on the Saturday afternoon.

By that stage we were about 8 days into the journey up through the Caribbean and had stayed at most of the major islands on the way up, so it took a lot to really step back in awe of a place. St. Bart’s did that and more. Not for the pretentious side of the flashy boats and lifestyle, which I guess could be said about myself and Cronie had we any financial interest in the boat we were on. But for the quaint clean town and it’s stunning unspoilt beauty. We had been in a boatie’s bar in Antigua on the Friday night, one of Britain’s remaining Caribbean territories when we heard that Jimmy Buffet was putting on a free concert the following night in St. Bart’s, to commemorate the 60th birthday of the bar “Le Select” (St. Bart’s best bar). And being the masters of our destinies, and weekends, we made it happen. The cruise north to St. Bart’s was stunning, passing the island territories St. Kitts and Nevis.

We jagged the best spot on the habour, backed up to the stage where Jimmy performed a few hours later. Great night, including meeting Mr. Buffet himself as he finished his show. The Sunday we recovered at Shell Beach, and a quiet few beers at the bar in the sun were cranked up a few notches when the resident DJ started his set at 4pm. We all were still dancing with the sand in between our toes at midnight.

The Caribbean offers so much to any level of traveller, every island and territory has it’s own feel and style. St. Bart’s is towards the top of the table for it’s lifestyle and beauty. Soak up all that you can, and drop into Le Select for the local’s favourite beer…Carib.

Now if you have ever wanted to follow your dream of working a season on a Super-boat in any of the biggest and best locations across the globe, then check out what Acronautic Yacht Crew have on offer. It’s an awesome website, and is run by my close mate Cronie who I travelled through the Caribbean with. Go to for everything you need to know.

via St. Bart’s. Caribbean. |


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