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Skipper in Training runs Ferry aground

30 Aug Posted by in Latest News | Comments
Skipper in Training runs Ferry aground

A passenger ferry packed with around 150 people has run aground in the Boston harbor on Saturday August 25th whilst in control by a Skipper in training. The incident sparked immediate pandemonium as it struck the small island of ‘Nixes Mate’ .

The Coast Guard attended the scene and assisted with the disembarkation of the passengers and crew, all of which are safe with no reported injuries or fatalities. The accident occured at about 0850 hrs in the morning whilst navigationg through heavy fog, this is still nop excuse and the cruise company has accepted full responsibility calling an ‘operator error, clean and simple’.


Coast Guard response


Needless the say the Skipper in training has abruptly ended his career with the company and was instantly dismissed from employment.

Passengers reported cruising along gently and then coming to a halting stop with horrible screeching noises.

The weekend ferry service offered by the vessel ‘Provincetown III’ has been cancelled and refunds would be issued to any ticket holders.


Provincetown III ferry

The ferry ‘Provincetwon III’ is operated by the Bay State Cruise company


Bay State Cruise Company

Ph. 877-783-3779

Administrative Offices:
Bay State Cruise Company
200 Seaport Blvd, Suite 50
Boston, MA 02210
617-439-6071 (fax)

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