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Operation Zero Tolerance

27 Nov Posted by in Environment | Comments
Operation Zero Tolerance

Sea Shepherd is about to embark on their ninth season to Antarctica in an effort to defend the whales, this shall be the largest campaign yet and incorporates over a 120 Crew across 4 ships, a helicopter, drones and dozens of small craft.

The efforts to protect the whales by Sea Shepherd have spanned across eight seasons now and direct interventions have saved the lives of more than 3,600 whales and exposed the illegal Japanese whaling trade to the world.

The latest campaign launched by The Sea Shepherd ‘Operation Zero Tolerancehas an objective to ensure this season the whalers shall return home without them killing a single whale.

With the commendable success of previous campaigns, the team intends to build on this and convey to the world that the Whaling trade shall not be tolerated.

Sea Shepherd is now seeking your assistance through donations and to spread the discussion, with the ultimate goal of sinking the Japanese whaling fleet economically to finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Zero tolerance. Zero cruelty. Zero kills.

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Recruitment Chief Engineer Job

Show your support, join the M.Y. Bob Barker on the expedition to Antarctica. Sea Shepherd is seeking an experienced Chief Engineer to join the ship in Sydney for the 3 month campaign in the Southern Oceans. For more information view the JOB ONLINE HERE


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